BNP Paribas – #JamaisSansElles Charter of Commitments

Paris, 2 december 2019

BNP ParibasJamaisSansElles


BNP Paribas #JamaisSansElles
Charter of Commitments

Committed to diversity, BNP Paribas Group is joining the association #JamaisSansElles (Never Without Her) by signing an ambitious, voluntary corporate policy.

1. Individual signing of the #JamaisSansElles call to action

The members of the BNP Paribas Executive Committee have individually committed to no longer participate in any public or media event in which general, social, political, or economic issues may be debated, discussed, or judged without any women included among multiple speakers. In practical terms, forums, round-table discussions, panels open to the public, and juries in which signers of the Charter participate, and which involve three or more speakers, must include at least one woman. This commitment covers both events that are internal and external to the company.

To go further and create a worldwide movement within the company, BNP Paribas is committing to expand the group of signatories to its 100 top executive managers and leaders to reach 100% of the “G100” by 2021.

Note: In today’s world, certain industries and domains are still marked by a notorious lack of women, which can result in particular difficulty in ensuring representation of women, and especially in achieving parity. As such, a transition period may be necessary before achieving the goal of balanced representation of women and men. During this transition period, which must be as short as possible, the choice of speakers for events must always aim to boost the visibility of women.

2. Invitations to or participation in an event that is 100% male will result in the following actions


A. If the lack of female representation in the event is known in advance:

I. BNP Paribas will inform the organiser of its #JamaisSansElles commitment.

II. BNP Paribas will propose, if applicable, the involvement of a female colleague in place of the originally invited male employee.

III. BNP Paribas will discuss with the #JamaisSansElles association, which will tap into its network in order to propose one or more potential female speakers with expertise on the subject in question to participate in the event, conference, or discussion.

IV. If necessary, BNP Paribas will decline the invitation (note: any communications regarding the refusal will be widely shared and amplified via the #JamaisSansElles networks).

B. If the lack of women’s representation is discovered during the event:

I. The speaker will express his surprise to the organisers and will mention the fact that the absence of women in the event conflicts with their commitment as a signer of the #JamaisSansElles Charter.

II. If participation in the event must go on, the speaker will begin with an explicit reference to the Charter addressed to the organisers, the audience, and the other participants.

III. The speaker, in agreement with BNP Paribas, remains solely responsible for the final decision whether or not to participate. He shall be responsible for taking any measures he deems useful in order to not expose BNP Paribas and himself to potential explicit criticism on social media, for example, by sending a Tweet ahead of time mentioning the #JamaisSansElles commitment and personally reporting the conflict or the particular circumstances that led to the conflict.


3. Public communications by BNP Paribas

BNP Paribas will share its # JamaisSansElles commitment with audiences inside and outside of the company whenever relevant, particularly via posts on social media.

In its communications, BNP Paribas commits to promoting an image of diversity and inclusion.


4. Action plans for women’s representation

Today, BNP Paribas’ workforce is 52% female and 48% male. For many years now, across all of its countries of operation, the Group has promoted an ambitious policy for equal rights and opportunities for women and men throughout its entire ecosystem.

BNP Paribas is committed to:

– Gender diversity in professions: Jean-Laurent Bonnafé, Director and CEO, and also Thematic Champion of the United Nations HeForShe movement, stands with all employees in promoting concrete initiatives to support gender diversity in all professions. As such, BNP Paribas has committed to improving gender diversity in professions within the Bank that have traditionally been made up of mostly women or men.

– Women’s representation in corporate governance: The Group has set the goal of facilitating access of women to positions of responsibility. This ambition is supported by targets and results that are regularly reported on. For example, BNP Paribas has set the goal of reaching over 25% female representation among members of the Executive Committees and over 30% female representation among Senior Manager positions by 2020. The success of this policy is also thanks to the commitment of all employees and of networks encouraging gender equality and mentorship.

– A more inclusive economy: By encouraging the rapid growth of women’s entrepreneurship via special policies, concrete programs, solid partnerships, and dedicated support content. BNP Paribas supports women entrepreneurs by mobilising, in France, a total of €2 billion in loans and by allocating 10% of its equity investments to companies led by women entrepreneurs.


BNP Paribas Signatories


Jean-Laurent BonnaféAdministrateur Directeur Général de BNP Paribas
Philippe BordenaveDirecteur Général Délégué de BNP Paribas
Michel KonczatyDirecteur Général Adjoint de BNP Paribas
Jacques D'EstaisDirecteur Général Adjoint et Responsable d'International Financial Services de BNP Paribas
Thierry LabordeDirecteur Général Adjoint et Responsable de Domestic Markets de BNP Paribas
Yann GérardinDirecteur Général Adjoint et Responsable de Corporate and Institutional Banking de BNP Paribas
Marguerite BérardDirectrice des Réseaux France de BNP Paribas
Marie-Claire CapobiancoDirectrice Croissance & Entreprises de BNP Paribas
Laurent DavidDirecteur Général de BNP Paribas Personal Finance
Stefaan DecraeneResponsable d’International Retail Banking de BNP Paribas
Renaud DumoraDirecteur Général de BNP Paribas Cardif
Nathalie HartmannResponsable de la fonction Conformité de BNP Paribas
Max JadotAdministrateur Directeur Général et Président du Comité de Direction de BNP Paribas Fortis
Yves MartrencharResponsable des Ressources Humaines Groupe BNP Paribas
Andrea MunariAdministrateur Délégué et Directeur Général de BNP Paribas
Alain PapiasseChairman de Corporate and Institutional Banking et supervise l’activité du Groupe en Amérique du Nord et en Grande Bretagne BNP Paribas
Éric RaynaudResponsable de la région Asie-Pacifique de BNP Paribas
Frank RonceyDirecteur des Risques de BNP Paribas
Antoine SireDirecteur de l’Engagement d’entreprise de BNP Paribas
Thierry VarèneDélégué Général aux Grands Clients de BNP Paribas
Vincent ThieryDirecteur de la région Rhône-Alpes-Auvergne chez BNP Paribas (Porte-parole)