#JamaisSansElles Senators

June 2018

The Senate in an Age of Equality

After doing so in the National Assembly of France, #JamaisSansElles (“Never Without Her”) is making its way into the ranks of the ‘upper chamber’. Following in the footsteps of the members of parliament who are now signatories of the #JamaisSansElles pledge, male and female senators are declaring their support and adopting on their own behalf the Association’s code of conduct, aimed at promoting the equal recognition and involvement of women in all sectors of society, by resolving to:

« Never hold or participate in conferences or round tables with two or more speakers that do not include at least one female speaker. »

We are happy to count on their feminist and humanist commitment through the concrete actions they carry out in the discharge of their mandates.


Colette Mélot, Senator for Seine-et-Marne

Cyril Pellevat, Senator for Haute-Savoie, VP of the European Affairs, secretary of the Committee on Spatial Planning and Sustainable Development.

Marta de Cidrac, Senator for Yvelines, Committee on Spatial Planning and Sustainable Development, Women’s Rights Delegation – President, Balkans Interparliamentary Group.

Fabienne Keller, Senator for Bas-Rhin, VP Com Finances, official elected in Strasbourg, former spokesperson for Alain Juppé, National Delegate for Agir.

Joëlle Garriaud-Maylam, Senator for French Citizens living abroad. Secretary of the Armed forces, Defense, and Foreign Affairs Committee. VP of the Delegation for Women’s Rights and Equality of Opportunity between Men and Women. National Secretary for Les Républicains.

Yves Détraigne, Senator for Marne, Member of the Court of Justice of the Republic, Witry-lès-Reims City Councillor.

Max Brisson, Senator for Pyrénées-Atlantiques (Nouvelle Aquitaine), VP of the Delegation for Women’s Rights and Equality of Opportunity between Men and Women, Culture, Education and Communication Committee.

Nathalie Delattre, Senator for Gironde (Nouvelle Aquitaine), VP of the Committee for Constitutional Acts, Legislation, Universal Suffrage, Standing Orders and General Administration



Are you a male or female senator? You can do the same: Don’t leave out half of humanity. Join the citizen movement! Take on the #JamaisSansElles commitment for each of your actions and all of your events.

To sign the pledge, post a commitment tweet with the hashtag #JamaisSansElles, or a comment, in this post with your name, the name of your constituency and your Twitter account information. Thank you.

?? Madam Senator, Mr Senator, click here to gain access to the commitment tweet:

Happy and proud to join forces with #JamaisSansElles to promote diversity at all levels of society. As the best example always begins with oneself, I hereby take on the #JamaisSansElle code of conduct