​FDJ Signs the #JamaisSansElles Charter in Favor of Gender Equality

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Boulogne, 5 April 2022


Groupe FDJJamaisSansElles

FDJ is mobilizing to support gender equality by signing a corporate charter co-written with the association #JamaisSansElles. The Group, which obtained a score of 100/100 on the 2022 Gender Equality Index, is the first SBF 80 company to launch the #JamaisSansElles project, thereby reinforcing its long-standing commitment to gender equality.

With this charter, which was signed by the twenty-three members of the Group’s Management Committee, FDJ is committed to pursuing its efforts and developing new initiatives in the areas of governance, compensation and recruitment. In addition, like all signatories of the #JamaisSansElles Charter, FDJ will no longer participate in any public or media events, whether face-to-face or remote, which are not gender diverse.

According to Stéphane Pallez, CEO of the FDJ Group: “Gender equality is a societal struggle where progress has definitely been made but much remains to be done. The FDJ Group is deeply invested in the area of gender equality. We are convinced of the need for a collective commitment at all levels of the company and in all professions, particularly, but not only, in technology, in order to bring about change. The FDJ #JamaisSansElles Charter illustrates our desire to go even further in the Group’s commitment. It is the result of a collaborative effort between women and men in all our divisions who feel concerned.”

For Tatiana F-Salomon, president and founder of #JamaisSansElles: “For us, welcoming FDJ into the #JamaisSansElles movement is both a joy and a delight, and the result of a common and carefully thought-out commitment on the part of the entire company’s management to advance gender diversity, gender equality and humanist values. Our wish is to bring about a world where women and men participate jointly and equitably in human affairs, while respecting the dignity and the skills of all. A world where people are free and equal and in which half of humanity has its full place. Each #JamaisSansElles charter proposes concrete commitments to advance the participation of women in all decision-making, management and representative bodies. It is also a tool to create a dynamic of balance and upward movement towards true shared governance. For #JamaisSansElles, Feminism equals Humanism.”

The main thrust of the #JamaisSansElles Charter signed by FDJ

Article 1 : FDJ agrees to no longer participate in any public or media events, in situ or remotely, that are not gender diverse.

Article 2 : The FDJ Group is committed to balancing the presence of women and men at all managerial levels.

Article 3 : FDJ undertakes to continue the actions already initiated in favor of gender equality and to develop new ones, to reduce the pay gap, to promote gender equality in recruitment and promotion, etc.

Article 4 : The signatories agree to review the charter annually, to amend it if necessary, and to conduct an impact survey.

Article 5 : In its communications activities, the FDJ Group is committed to conveying an image of equality, diversity and inclusion.

Signature de la charte #JamaisSansElles du groupe FDJ
The FDJ Group Management Committee and the #JamaisSansElles association at the signing of the charter. Photo © François Daburon

Gender equality, a priority at FDJ

Ranked fourth on the list for the feminization of senior management SBF 120 companies in 2021, the FDJ Group currently has a percentage of female managers that is identical to the percentage of women in the company (40%), including in the Group’s Executive Committee. Thanks to the awareness-raising efforts of its managers and a proactive policy of salary catch-up, FDJ has achieved 40 points out of 40 on the “gender pay gap” indicator of the professional gender equality Index.

Concurrently since 2017 the Group’s gender diversity network “All’in”, has initiated projects to take action for gender equity. Actions carried out help raise awareness of gender diversity and equality issues among all Group employees via various events (a mentoring program, International Women’s Day, masterclasses, roundtables, etc.).

FDJ is convinced that this is a societal struggle that concerns both men and women and that gender diversity serves us all. Accordingly, in July 2021, the Group decided to strengthen its support for parenthood by ensuring that 100% of employees’ salaries are covered during paternity leave.

Since 2016, FDJ has also developed the “Sport pour Elles” program to promote women’s sports. The program is based on four pillars: access to sports for all, the feminization of governance, performance support, as well as media coverage of women’s sports.

About the association #JamaisSansElles

It is a French association founded by women and men, entrepreneurs and key figures from the digital sector (three women, Tatiana F-Salomon, Natacha Quester-Séméon, Laurence Parisot and twenty men are at the origin). #JamaisSansElle acts in favor of gender diversity in all areas of society. The association is presided over by women and men.

#JamaisSansElles is a Do Tank that proposes concrete actions to promote the equal participation and visibility of women in decision-making bodies and in positions of responsibility and representation, in order to break the glass ceiling. It promotes shared governance. For #JamaisSansElles, feminism equals humanism!

The association develops charters in partnership with companies and players in the field of governance. It is involved in the field of education to fight against gender stereotypes.

Nearly one thousand male and female leaders are committed individually to #JamaisSansElles: politicians, MPs, senators, male and female French ambassadors worldwide, NGOs and large firms. In Europe and around the world, as well: German ministers, Danish MPs and subsidiaries of major French companies. The signatories are present in some fifty countries.

Three French ministries and their administrations are committed to an ambitious #JamaisSansElles Charter: the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of the Economy and the Ministry of the Interior. #JamaisSansElles is the head of the French delegation of Women 20, a G20 commitment group.

Widely disseminated on social media (according to Talkwalker 650,000 engagements since 2016 with more than 340,000 mentions), #JamaisSansElles is the 4th most prominent hashtag of a collective movement on Twitter in France since 2015 (source Ifop Opinion/FlashTweet).


About the FDJ Group

FDJ is France’s national lottery and leader in games of chance. It is the 2nd largest lottery in Europe and 4th largest in the world. It offers the general public a fun, responsible, and secure range of lottery games (draws and instant win games) and sports betting (ParionsSport) at retail outlets and online. FDJ’s performance is driven by a portfolio of iconic and new brands, the number 1 leading local sales network in France, a growing market, recurring investments, and an innovation strategy that strengthens the attractiveness of its offering and distribution, with an enhanced gaming experience.

The FDJ Group is listed on the Euronext regulated market in Paris (Compartment A – FDJ.PA) and is notably included in the SBF 120, Euronext 100, Euronext Vigeo 20, EN EZ ESG L 80, STOXX Europe 600, MSCI Europe and FTSE Euro indices.

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