Partnership : the”Women and Diplomacy” association #JamaisSansElles

An association of women who defend real equality between women and men in the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs and in diplomatic, consular and cultural networks.

“Women and Diplomacy” is partners with #JamaisSansElles. The associations work together, especially on the implementation of the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs’ commitment to #JamaisSansElles.

The association “Women and Diplomacy”, which was created in 2008, is celebrating its 10th anniversary. It is open to all women who work at the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs, regardless of their professional status and grade. The association currently has 280 members, both in the central administration and abroad.

It has several aims and projects:

  • To be a proactive force on all issues related to real equality between women and men and as regards the modernization of the ministry, both of which are subjects of general interest.
  • To set up a network of mutual support, solidarity and transmission.
  • To boost ambition and talent development.
  • To ensure institutional and media monitoring of the implementation of gender equality and of the expansion of recruiting grounds.

The association “Women and Diplomacy” is actively engaged alongside other French Ministries’ women’s associations and networks It is also partners with the movement #JamaisSansElles, the “FCO Women’s” network (women’s network of the Foreign Affairs and Commonwealth Office) and of the British Embassy in France.

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