Les Collectionneurs – Charter of Commitments

March 9, 2020



#JamaisSansElles / les Collectionneurs
Charter of Commitments


Les Collectionneurs are the first SMB in the hotel and restaurant industry to commit to #JamaisSansElles.
A made-to-measure Charter for the head office of les Collectionneurs whose objective is to ensure that harmonious and respectful gender diversity can flourish.

1. Signing up to the #JamaisSansElles appeal

Each member of the Executive Committee of les Collectionneurs becomes a signatory to the #JamaisSansElles appeal launched on 20 January 2016 with the following terms:

“Too many panels, round tables, expert committees; too much advice; too many meetings, debating societies… without women! From now on, we will not participate in any public meeting or media event where subjects of common interest, and societal, political, economic, scientific or strategic issues are to be debated, commented on or judged that do not include any women in a significant number of speakers.”

To take this even further and launch a movement in the industry, les Collectionneurs are committed to doing everything in their power to widen the circle of signatories to include restaurant and hotel members of the community.

Based on this appeal, les Collectionneurs have decided to make the following commitments:

2. External commitments

A. Speaking engagements and events
Speaking engagements by signatories to the Charter at forums, round tables, expert panels or participation in juries, with at least three speakers, must systematically include women.
Similarly, les Collectionneurs are committed to ensuring gender diversity at events for which les Collectionneurs extend an invitation to members of the community (food festivals, trade shows, etc.).

B. Communication
In its communication activities, les Collectionneurs are committed to conveying an image of equality, diversity and inclusion. In particular, priority will be given systematically to gender diversity in events with more than one speaker, during meetings with the press or movers and shakers, or during presentations of strategic and/or economic perspectives.

C. Training
Through its JobHospitality subsidiary, les Collectionneurs will conduct awareness-raising and educational activities within its entire ecosystem of partners and clients.

D. Awareness-raising
hrough its JobHospitality subsidiary, les Collectionneurs are committed to promoting gender diversity in restaurant and hotel occupations in its interactions with people in primary, secondary and higher education establishments.


3. Internal commitments

A. Events
Les Collectionneurs are committed to ensuring that internal events attended by the signatories include female speakers.

B. Internal decision-making bodies
Les Collectionneurs are committed to ensuring that all existing committees (steering committee, restaurateurs committee, hoteliers committee, travellers committee, management team) include women and are moving towards parity.


4. Commitments to our staff members

Les Collectionneurs are committed to striving for gender diversity and equality within its teams. To this end, les Collectionneurs intend to strengthen their measures relating to parenthood (100% paid paternity leave with no conditions regarding seniority, no prorata temporis for the payment of target-based bonuses in the case of maternity leave), and to implement actions aimed at enhancing self-esteem and self-worth.


5. Actions to be taken in the event of a specific conflict with the Charter

Any invitation to or participation in an event that is 100% male will result in the following actions:

A. If the lack of female representation in the event is known in advance:

I. Les Collectionneurs will inform the organiser of its commitment to #JamaisSansElles.

II. Les Collectionneurs will propose, if applicable, the participation of a female colleague instead of the male speaker who was originally invited.

III. Les Collectionneurs will engage in an exchange with #JamaisSansElles which will tap into its network in order to suggest one or more potential female speakers with expertise on the subject in question for the purpose of participation in the event, conference or round table.

IV. If necessary, les Collectionneurs will decline the invitation (please note: any communication regarding its refusal will be widely shared and disseminated via the #JamaisSansElles networks).

B. If the lack of female representation is discovered during the event itself:

I. The speaker will express his surprise to the organisers and will mention the fact that the absence of women at the event is in conflict with their commitment as a signatory to #JamaisSansElles.

II. If participation in the event must be upheld, the speaker will begin with an explicit reference to the Charter addressed to the organisers, the audience and other participants.

III. The speaker, in agreement with les Collectionneurs, remains solely responsible for the final decision whether or not to participate. He, alone, will take any action he deems necessary in order to avoid exposing himself and les Collectionneurs to potential explicit criticism on social media, for example, by sending a Tweet in advance mentioning the #JamaisSansElles commitment and personally reporting the conflict or the particular circumstances that led to the conflict.

les Collectionneurs

Les Collectionneurs signatories

Alain DucassePrésident de la marque Les Collectionneurs
Xavier AlbertiPrésident Les Collectionneurs
Carole PourchetDirectrice Générale Les Collectionneurs
Laure PeybernèsDirectrice de la Communication Les Collectionneurs
Pierre LacanDirecteur Digital Les Collectionneurs
Loïc DuransonDirecteur Réseau, Conseil et Commercialisation Les Collectionneurs
Fernando HipolitoResponsable Administratif et Financier Les Collectionneurs
Didier JourdanneauDirecteur de JobHospitality Les Collectionneurs
Morgan Lomenec'hDirecteur Marketing & Community Les Collectionneurs / Co-leader de LGBTech_FR
Jérôme SannacDirecteur de la centrale d’achats Cadhi Les Collectionneurs