The Pledge #JamaisSansElles for Internet Governance Stakeholders

Internet Governance Forum Paris 2018

Paris, Unesco, November 12, 2018

The Citizen Movement #JamaisSansElles (« Never Without Her », plural) calls upon leaders, organizations, associations, think tanks and firms that are stakeholders in Internet Governance to commit:

  • to no longer participate in public or media events of societal, technical, economic or strategic importance that do not include women.
  • to work for equal recognition and the participation of women in all sectors of society, thanks to and within the digital world.

In order to keep its promises, the digital revolution must also be liberating and emancipatory. It must be humanistic. And there can be no humanism without gender diversity.

For a Digital World Never Without Women #JamaisSansElles

By signing this Pledge our organization joins the #JamaisSansElles movement in adopting a global, generic rule of conduct: “To never organize or participate in councils, working groups, decision-making bodies or public events that have more than three participants and do not include at least one woman.”

So that men and women can debate side by side in the different structures we are called upon to manage, or to which we are associated, we commit ourselves to adopting this principle in all of our actions and interventions, and to making certain that key positions are assigned to women in think-tanks and decision-making bodies for shared governance (at the managerial, technical and strategic levels).

In doing so, we hope to witness the quick demise of the obstacles, barriers, and impediments that still limit the visibility and influence of women in many sectors of society and deprive them of the major opportunities provided by digital technologies.

From an ethical and humanistic perspective, and because feminism is humanism, we intend to contribute, through the application of this Pledge, to the elimination of various biases, gender biases in particular, which persist in different sectors of society; as well as within algorithms, especially those derived from artificial intelligence, whose impact on our lives and citizenry we know is increasing.

Paris 12 November 2018 at Unesco

Internet Society France
Renaissance Numérique
Reporters Sans Frontières

Les membres de l’Internet Society construisent le futur d’Internet, en en préservant les fondements : un Internet ouvert, un seul Internet, un Internet ouvert à tous. L’Internet Society existe depuis 1992 dans le monde et depuis 1996 en France.  L’Internet Society chapitre France est présidé par Nicolas Chagny, déjà signataire de #JamaisSansElles à titre individuel.

Renaissance Numérique was created in 2007. It is the main independent think tank in France working on digital issues and stakes. Grouping academics, experts, associations, corporations and start-ups, it aims at elaborating operational proposals to support public initiatives, the empowerment of citizens, and economic stakeholders in the promotion of an inclusive digital society. The think tank is a signatory of #JamaisSansElles.

Reporters without Borders (RSF) is an international NGO, based in Paris, which defends freedom of information and the right to be informed through its network of 13 offices (Taipei, London, Rio, San Francisco, Washington, Tunis, Bruxelles etc.) and its 130 correspondants all over the world. Christophe Deloire is the General Secretary of the organisation and Pierre Haski, President of RSF, is a founder member of #JamaisSansElles.



Do you lead an organization, association or think tank? You can do the same: Do not leave out half of humanity. Join the citizen movement! Take on the #JamaisSansElles commitment for each of your actions and all of your events!

To sign this pledge, post a commitment tweet with the hashtag #JamaisSansElles, or a comment, in this post with your name, the name of your constituency and your Twitter account information. Thank you

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