The Association

#JamaisSansElles is a movement that promotes gender equality through the commitment of men concerned with balance and representativeness who no longer participate in events, debates, experts panels or roundtables when there are no women present. It was created by the “Club des gentlemen“, humanist entrepreneurs, joined by many signatories from civil society, the media, academia, politics, etc., as well as by a Women’s Council and it has the support of GirlPower 3.0.

The #JamaisSansElles appeal gave birth to the eponymous association chaired by Tatiana F. Salomon and Guy Mamou-Mani.

is a association with a paritarian presidency because UNION IS OUR STRENGTH

Tatiana F-Salomon, co-president ; Guy Mamou-Mani,co-president ;
Natacha Quester-Séméon spokesperson.

Founding members:

Etienne Parizot, Laurence Parisot, Xavier Alberti et Rubin Sfadj.

The Women’s Council :

Laurence Parizot, Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet, Michèle Fitoussi, Catherine Barba, Sophie Viger…