Ministry of the Interior joins forces with #JamaisSansElles

Paris, 25 May 2021

Press release


Signing of the #JamaisSansElles Charter and Partnership Convention

On 25 May 2021 Marlène Schiappa (Minister Delegate in charge of Citizenship, attached to the Minister of the Interior), Tatiana F. Salomon and Xavier Alberti (co-Presidents of the association #JamaisSansElles) signed the #JamaisSansElles Charter and Partnership Convention.

The signing is part of the actions taken by the Ministry of the Interior in favor of gender equality, of its double label “professional equality between women and men” and “diversity”, as well as the feminization plan presented on 8 March by Gérald Darmanin and Marlène Schiappa.

By means of this charter, the Ministry of the Interior undertakes to ensure that its main representatives no longer participate in public or media events, face-to-face or remotely, when there are no women present among the many speakers. The commitment requires that at least one woman be included among the ministry representatives who speak at events.

The association #JamaisSansElles can draw upon its own networks to broaden the pool of female panellists from the ministry. It can also grant the #JamaisSansElles seal of approval to events that are organized or hosted by the ministry.

As part of the partnership the Ministry of the Interior reaffirms its commitment in favor of gender equality by supporting #JamaisSansElles and by strenghtening its partnership with the association, in order to increase the visibility of women and ensure a fair gender balance in appointments throughout the Ministry.

Marlène Schiappa said: “It was important for me that the Ministry of the Interior sign the #JamaisSansElles Charter. This gives concrete expression to the actions of the Ministry in favor of gender equality, and it is fully in line with the feminization plan that we presented with Gérald Darmanin on 8 March as part of International Women’s Day.”

Tatiana F. Salomon said: “We are happy and proud to welcome the Ministry of the Interior into our movement – the third ministry to join forces with us. Together we are signing a charter and a partnership convention that includes concrete commitments in favor of true gender equality, equal contribution and representation of women in all sectors of the ministry – in internal and external events. The aim of genuinely shared governance implies in particular the visibility of women and an increase in their numbers in key positions. What motivates our actions is the sharing of common values, which we believe to be universal. For #JamaisSansElles: feminism is humanism.”

See entire charter here (in french).

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